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Business Manager
Rise Ventures

Rise Ventures is delivers the Commonwealth government’s Community Development Program and Employment and Training Programs on Mornington Island.

We have had a productive and collaborative relationship with Spence in relation to the employment and skills development of local people here on the island. We have found the crew at Spence committed to local employment and they have made significant effort to assist employees to maintain their employment with the company.

Unemployed community members often have extensive barriers to employment including lack of skills and experience, family and cultural issues, reliability issues, low levels of literacy and numeracy, legal and housing issues and confidence and motivation to work. Owen Whish and Spence workers have dealt with these issues in a culturally appropriate manner and have been able to form a great working relationship with their local staff members. This has built confidence in workers. Some of which developed skills to go on to permanent employment with the council

If Spence were to continue to work on Mornington Island I am confident that RISE CDP participants would gain work with the company as they have a familiar and trusted presence with workers.

Chief Executive Officer
Mornington Shire Council

Despite the difficulties of delivery a large sized contract in one of the remotest areas of Queensland, Spence Contracting have proven that despite the vagaries of weather in “cyclone alley” logistics of delivering plant, materials and resources to such a remote island location that they have the capacity to deliver very high quality work on time and budget.

“On the ground” and back room project management with open communication and transparent process enable them “trouble shoot” and resolve issues as they arose. Council and community are very pleased with the outcome of the project and the restoration of our road network.